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Bret's Blogisphere
von  OnDaFence    32M/39M
Rationed 6 17. Juli, 20:08 Uhr
OnDaFence and fakes rack up 2670 fake comments on blogs!!! 49 17. Juli, 4:54 Uhr
Do you think this enough evidence to ban OnDaFence and his fake profiles? 93 17. Juli, 0:34 Uhr
Bret's Blogisphere
von  OnDaFence    32M/39M
4014 Stopover 175 16. Juli, 19:24 Uhr
The number 7(seven). 88 16. Juli, 16:57 Uhr
Guess Who comes out of the Closet to make a Poll & More! LOL! 80 16. Juli, 16:23 Uhr
Home Grown
von  GUESS_WHO_MAN    31M
Isn't Gobs Poles Hot 48 16. Juli, 15:46 Uhr
Is fraudulent positioning in 30 day responses a concern to you? Guess Who Man's Grammar? Both? 139 16. Juli, 14:54 Uhr
Headline News
von  Herts_1973    46M
Are you at all concerned about the fake profile activity on OP? 72 16. Juli, 14:44 Uhr
Wannabe's "top fan" is going to be jealous! Hurts, that poll question is DOA! 87 16. Juli, 14:29 Uhr
BIG BOY in Boone 42 16. Juli, 14:11 Uhr
The Works of a "Top Fan" for a Wannabe "Blog King" pfft! 72 16. Juli, 14:01 Uhr
I love being top fan 22 16. Juli, 13:09 Uhr
True and Positive Stories that fuel the Mind. 101 16. Juli, 12:42 Uhr
A POLL of POLLSTERS 96 16. Juli, 12:39 Uhr
Tuesday 16th he not been cracking the whip he been blogging as Swish on 15th lol 38 15. Juli, 21:44 Uhr
Bret's Blogisphere
von  OnDaFence    32M/39M
Monday the 15th 141 15. Juli, 19:50 Uhr
Mein Blog
von  John_Ramsey    18M
My First Impressions! 119 15. Juli, 1:48 Uhr
Three(3) Little Pigs, Three(3) Billy Goats Gruff, and the Three(3)Musketeers 167 14. Juli, 22:01 Uhr

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H. L. Hunley, An Overview (Part 1) 388 10.07.
Bret's Blogisphere
von  OnDaFence    32M/39M
Happy Independence Day 575 07.07.
What a 4th of July Holiday Weekend we are having here! Please stay safe in your travels! 237 12.07.
#TBT Fun for 6/20/19! Share A Funny Memory from a Vacation or Reunion. 444 27.06.
Total role reversal 571 07.07.
#TBT Blog. Theme: Share a creepy, fun, unusual stayover at hotels, first apts, or a house! 323 30.06.
Our Challenge to the so called "♕★Blog King★♕"! 187 17.07.
Farmboi off to visit his fake profiles in Chicago! 216 10.07.
It is SO Hard.... 547 02.07.
Great Blogs ♕★Blog King★♕ When we gonna see more blogs? 70 14.07.
Thank You SwishNSwallow2 The Truth Finally 205 06.07.
Mein Blog
von  Bkjones1969   36M
First time blowjob 385 15.07.
BIG BOY in Boone 42 16.07.
Yep Farmboi is cheating on his fake profiles that are blocked so no one can see! But ICU! 88 14.07.
Mein Blog
von  John_Ramsey    18M
My First Impressions! 119 16.07.
Home Grown
von  GUESS_WHO_MAN    31M
Bloggers Book of Secrets EXPOSED 103 10.07.
NO SHAME 217 10.07.
Mein Blog
von  DennyJay    54M
R Kelly me please 257 02.07.
Water Masturbation 42 15.07.
Mein Blog
von  fuckogod    53M
who like to suck on this 225 13.07.

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